Woody Fox

Trophy heads

exhibition at Moma art gallery , Machynlleth

willow animals exhibition

i was asked to make an animal themed sculpture exhibition at Moma gallery, Machynlleth, wales. The other theme was doctor Doolittle, so I created a Pushmepullyu for the centerpiece  which is a creature descended from the last unicorn and a gazelle.

Dog trophy head

Willow dog head.

This dog is made of white willow and steamed willow with a buff willow tongue. It has fabric inside it’s mouth and glass eyes.

Parrot trophy head

Willow parrot trophy head. 3 Foot high.

This 3 foot high Parrot head has been made for an upcoming exhibition. It is made of various dyed willows, has acrylic eyes and a papier mache beak.

Marlin wall trophy

7 foot long willow Marlin sculpture made from dyed willow.

This 7 foot long Marlin goes on the wall like a hunting trophy but without any of the cruelty! Its made of various dyed willows and a big glass eye.

Gallery exhibition at Arthouse, Aberystwyth

Willow sculpture of a dragon

I was lucky to be asked to hold  a joint exhibition with my friend Frank Duffy, a wonderful illustrator, at Arthouse, Aberystwyth from 7th September to 7th October 2016. Here are some of the photos. It was an exciting oppertunity to show my fantastical creatures trophy heads.

Trophy heads

Willow sculpture of a dragon

I decided to  make willow sculptures for the home as well as the landscape and so have been making ‘trophy heads’. So here’s a lion, a bear, a dragon, a goblin, a faun, stag, ogre etc… Because they are indoor sculptures they can have materials in/on them that wouldn’t work[…]

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