Woody Fox

Prices and Aftercare

I work entirely to commission  and every sculpture is unique.

The prices of sculptures depend on the length of time it takes to make them,  and so this is a general guide as a complicated position is going to take longer than something just standing still but anything can be made and i am always happy to chat about the design and the costing.

So some general  prices are:

Red deer Stag: £900 depending on size, Red deer Doe £700, Red deer Fawn £350

Roe deer stag or doe £425

Fox £300

Badger £275

Giant pheasant  (6 foot long) £700

Heron £300

Dancing Squirrel £450

Giant boxing Hare £400

Lion Trophy head £600

Giant 5 ft snail       £750

So this is  guide- creations like the WW1 soldier for Great Ayton in Yorkshire was £1200 and the figure of Pan was £1500 so it all depends on the size, complexity and materials used.

For delivery I will deliver for the cost of the diesel  if localish unless its small enough to be posted by courier or you can collect. Though obviously we can sort out any delivery to anywhere if needed. Further than the South West and we will sort out delivery by courier or if its convenient for me I may deliver.

For payment I would like to be paid by bank transfer once the commission is ready to be sent/brought/collected. I will email the bank details when it is appropriate.


Willow is basically a stick and so over time it will deteriorate, most sculptors I’ve talked to say sculptures could have 10 years before it may need repairing. That said , I always spray the finished dry sculptures with a clear wood preserver thoroughly and advise any sculpture owner to spray them 3 times a year with a 50/50 mix of wood oil and turps substitute. (This is the mix that the old fella’s who make willow hurdles in somerset advise!) Or you can continue to spray with a clear wood preserver.

I always enclose an aftercare leaflet with any sculpture. But really it takes a couple of minutes and helps to preserve your sculpture.

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