Woody Fox

Birds, Fish and reptiles

birds , fish and reptiles

Bedgebury project

Dancing Fox

These sculptures were made for Bedgebury pinetum.They wanted cheerful creatures that they get actually coming to their grounds so I made a fox, badger,dragonfly,kingfisher and a doe and fawn.

Exotic bird

Generic exotic bird willow sculpture.

I’ve been experimenting with smaller creatures that i could get people to make in day long workshops. so here is my generic exotic bird. Made of various colours of dyed willow on a steel frame and then mounted on a piece of recycled wood.

Barn owl

Barn owl sitting. Willow sculpture.

This Barn owl was commissioned  after seeing the owl with the outstretched wings. Unfortunately the client had a small living space so I designed this owl to be sitting  on a branch instead.

Twelve Days of Christmas for Stourhead National Trust

8-11 of the 12 days of Christmas.

I was commissioned to create sculptures describing the characters from the song-“the twelve days of Christmas” for an illuminated trail  at Stourhead national trust in Wiltshire. The sculptures are all between 6-7 feet high and are made of various coloured willows, there are resin eyes and even a ram’s horn[…]

Willow Chickens

Willow sculptures of 3 chickens, made of willows and wire legs

These chickens are made mostly of buff willow with dyed willow beaks and wattles. They are fun things clucking away!

Marlin wall trophy

7 foot long willow Marlin sculpture made from dyed willow.

This 7 foot long Marlin goes on the wall like a hunting trophy but without any of the cruelty! Its made of various dyed willows and a big glass eye.


Willow sculpture of robins

These robins were commissioned for a birthday present.They were made from various willows as well as the red dyed willow which I rarely use.

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