Woody Fox

Stags and Deer

Stags and deer

The grand Stag for Blenheim Palace.

7.5 foot high stag with 6 foot x6 foot antlers

I was commissioned by a customer who puts on grand celebrations at various places during the winter. This grand stag  was 7 foot high with 6 foot x 6 foot high antlers. He was placed in one of the 1st rooms in Blenheim palace for their Ice Queen installation. His[…]

Bedgebury project

Dancing Fox

These sculptures were made for Bedgebury pinetum.They wanted cheerful creatures that they get actually coming to their grounds so I made a fox, badger,dragonfly,kingfisher and a doe and fawn.


Willow sculpture of stag

Stags are one of the most popular commissions I get. They come in all positions from roaring in the rut look to ‘I’ve just seen you’ , from old stag to new young rival. Anything the client wants.

Stourhead National trust project

Willow sculpture of stag

I was approached by Stourhead to produce  some sculptures for their gardens for the Christmas period and beyond. So I made- 2 reindeer pulling a sleigh, A peacock in full display, a red deer stag, a giant  7 ft long pheasant ,three foxes and a double headed eagle that stood[…]

Lacock Abbey Reindeer

Willow sculpture of reindeer pulling sleigh

These reindeer were made for the national trust property, Lacock Abbey,  in Wiltshire. The two reindeer pulling the sleigh were designed so that they seem to be just taking off to the sky.  The sleigh was made to be able to fit two people at a time in it and[…]


Willow sculpture of reindeer

I was commissioned in October, 6 reindeer and a sleigh  by Lackock Abbey, a national trust site in Wiltshire. They are life sized and I decided to use glass eyes in them as well. They will be displayed each xmas period.  reindeer

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