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Working in the time of the Corona virus lockdown

little owls willow sculpture.

My workshop is on a farm  that is 4 miles away from where I live so as I work alone and travel alone I was still going to work to start with but after a week i decided I’d do what everyone else was and try to work from home. So I cleared out a shed and made it into a small workshop and I luckily have a big garden so i could still make larger creations. So far in the lockdown I have made two red deer stags and a doe, a 4 foot long running hare , 4 little owls, two washing baskets, a duck and an exotic bird, oh and two washing baskets! I hear in the media of other people being bored or trying to find things to do with their time but I’m  as busy as ever- I guess this may be the same for all artists? Anyway, here’s a few of the creations!

Generic exotic bird willow sculpture.
Generic exotic bird willow sculpture.
little owls willow sculpture.
little owls willow sculpture.
Little owl willow sculptures
Little owl willow sculptures
little owl
little owl
Duck willow sculpture
Duck willow sculpture


Willow washing basket with blue banding
Willow washing basket with blue banding
Willow washing basket with coloured banding
Willow washing basket with coloured banding
Willow sculpture of a running hare
Running Hare



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