Woody Fox

British animals

Various British animal willow sculptures

Giant Dormouse, home and child’s nest.

giant willow dormouse

This Giant Dormouse was made for Kew Gardens at Wakehurst to climb in the trees there. Next to it on the ground is a dormouse hibernation nest with another dormouse sleeping in it and beside that is another nest for children to pretend to be dormice. All are made with[…]

Center Parcs hawk and badgers

Brown willow Hawk

I was commissioned by Center Parcs to create a group of badgers and also a 5 foot wide hawk to go on their falconry area. Evidently people have their photos taken with the badgers!

Fairy Tale figures

Big bad Wolf

These creations were made for a customer to exhibit at various National Trust sites throughout the year.  I used a huge amount of dyed white willow, which i think really added to the whole fairy tale theme. They all had glass eyes and were each made on a steel frame.

exhibition at Moma art gallery , Machynlleth

willow animals exhibition

i was asked to make an animal themed sculpture exhibition at Moma gallery, Machynlleth, wales. The other theme was doctor Doolittle, so I created a Pushmepullyu for the centerpiece  which is a creature descended from the last unicorn and a gazelle.

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