Woody Fox

Other sculptures


willow arch

I was commissioned to create this 7 foot high and 6 foot wide arch for people to have their photos done after they got married. Its got a steel frame and various different weaves of various willows.

Giant bird’s nest for commercial

willow birds nest

This bird’s nest was 8 ft wide and 3 ft high. initially I made it just from various willows and a solid wooden base but it was needed to look more natural so i added sticks gathered in my local wood.

Ignite project

6 foot high Willow Mushroom fairy house

These sculptures were made as part of a touring night time lit walk. Sculptures included huge mushrooms, full moon crescent moons, unicorns, giant badgers, giant snails, giant robins and a load of boggarts!

Twelve Days of Christmas for Stourhead National Trust

8-11 of the 12 days of Christmas.

I was commissioned to create sculptures describing the characters from the song-“the twelve days of Christmas” for an illuminated trail  at Stourhead national trust in Wiltshire. The sculptures are all between 6-7 feet high and are made of various coloured willows, there are resin eyes and even a ram’s horn[…]

Standing bear

Willow sculpture of a Brown Bear

This Bear was made for Annabel’s nightclub in London. His position is because he will be supporting a mirror under his right paw and is looking away from the mirror . Once i get photos of him on his marble plinth and in place then I’ll post those too.

Lacock Abbey Reindeer

Willow sculpture of reindeer pulling sleigh

These reindeer were made for the national trust property, Lacock Abbey,  in Wiltshire. The two reindeer pulling the sleigh were designed so that they seem to be just taking off to the sky.  The sleigh was made to be able to fit two people at a time in it and[…]

Giant Vampire Bat

Willow sculpture of vampire bat

This bat was commissioned for someone at Knightshayes court , Tiverton, a national trust place. His name is Boris and he has a 5 ft wide wingspan. He is made of various coloured willows and aluminium wire mesh for his wings, all mounted on a pine plinth.

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